Female Focus

Amos Vale is all about the maternal side of our beef breeding operation, it is the single most important factor to us. At Amos Vale we breed cows that breed on, they are deep bodied thick females with great femininity. Since 1967 and our foundational females no further females have been introduced, we've bred a herd with a genetic pool that is strong enough to produce consistent, predictable and profitable Hereford Bulls. Top priority at Amos-Vale Herefords, is to join our cows to the most suitable genetics that will produce progeny to do the job for the people that buy them.

“It’s easy to breed one or two good bulls”, but the true test of a stud’s breeding program lies in the genetic strength of your cow herd and their ability to put together quality, consistent, even lines of Hereford bulls.”

This is where our females thrive, this is our selling point we produce drafts of bulls with evenness from the first to the last lot, with quality right throughout. At Amos-Vale you can buy any bull with confidence. The Amos-Vale sale results speak for themselves: Full clearance of bulls and repeat buyers that come back year after year. Our cows are no fuss, they're efficient cows that convert dry matter and are low maintenance most important in the ever-changing seasonal conditions.They get in calf every year, calf early and wean heavy calves. Our cows are our livelihood and we could not be prouder of the base our of seedstock operation.