Sydney Royal show winners bring bidding at Amos-Vale Herefords to $15,000

30th July 2019

This article originally appeared in The Land on 26th July 2019 by Jamie Brown

Amos-Vale Hereford stud sold to a top of $15,000 on Thursday and averaged $5916 for 18 bulls from 22 offered, during their 52nd annual sale at Brooklington, Pinkett, east of Glen Innes.

Repeat client and Hereford breeder Greg Gallagher, Red Range - with country at Ben Lomand - was the successful bidder for top-priced Amos-Vale Fairfield N028 by Devon Court Eclipse H190 and will use the bull to help create his own line of commercial sires. Mr Gallagher bought three bulls in total.

Amos-Vale Fairfield, 22 months, placed third in his class at Sydney Royal show this year and presented on sale day as the heaviest in the draft at just over a tonne, or 1002 kilograms, with the highest percentage of intra muscular fat at 6.4pc, eye muscle area of 136 square centimetres, rump and rib fat at 21mm and 13mm and scrotal circumference of 40cm.

Tom Nixon from Devon Court Hereford stud at Drillham, Qld, was the successful bidder of Sydney Royal show junior champion Hereford, Amos-Vale Falkland N042 by Devon Court Eclipse H190 paying $14,000.

The well-handled bull, 22 months, presented on sale day at 960kg with 6.3pc IMF, 136sq cm EMA, 22mm and 12mm rump and rib fat and 39cm scrotal.

Department of Primary Industries through Jason Siddell, Glen Innes, bought Amos-Vale Federation N001 by Talbalba Storm J206 for $8000, presenting at 890kg with equal greatest scrotal of the draft at 42cm, 121sq cm EMA, 4.9pc IMF and rump and rib fat at 9mm and 6mm.

Foundation clients going back to 1967, James and Peter Heagney from Wards Mistake, were equal volume buyers and bought three bulls that fit their desire for easy-doing, moderate frame and temperament including Amos-Vale Farlow N031 by Devon Court Eclipse H190 for $6000.

This rising two year old presented at 840kg with 41cm scrotal, 13mm and 8mm rump and rib fat, 118sq cm EMA and 4.7pc IMF.

Ian Colwell and Sarah Goodwin, Yarrowitch via Walcha, bought Amos-Vale Federer N030 by Devon Court Eclipse H190 for $6000, with the rising two year old presenting at 850kg with 39cm scrotal, 12mm and 9mm rump and rib fat, 119sq cm EMA and 5.9pc IMF.

David Duff, Willawarrin on the Macleay, bought two bulls including Amos-Vale Foundation N047 by Cootharaba Nolan for $6000, 870kg, 39cm scrotal, 11mm and 7mm rump and rib fat, 117sq cm EMA and 5.4pc IMF.

North Star breeders the Smith family, North Star, also bought three bulls including Amos-Vale Federal N007 by Talbalba Storm J206 for $4500, presenting at 870kg, 38cm scrotal, and 5.3pc IMF.

Charlie Horton, Mylneford via Grafton, bought Amos-Vale Flambouyant N008 by Talbalba Storm J206 for $4000, presenting at 822kg, 40cm scrotal, 114sq cm EMA and 4.9pc IMF.

The Amos-Vale sale was conducted by Armitage and Buckley, Armidale, with Colin Say and Co, Glen Innes. Auctioner was Say and Co's Shad Bailey.