Herefords Australia National Show and Sale - Wodonga

10th May 2019

Amos Vale Introduces

  • Glendan Park New Sensation N060 $25000 - Top priced horn bull
  • Mawarra Glory N159 -$14000

We’ve searched through hundreds of bulls, multiple studs and these 2 totally stood out. A credit to Mawarra and Glendan Park for producing them!

New Sensation

  • 24 months
  • 1074kg
  • 136cm Ema

The bull we’ve being searching for!

Performance backed by an elite pedigree, structurally magnificent, with power, carcass, meat and muscle and so strong across the top and through the spine. He carries this all around so naturally and is a free moving eye catching sire.

Ecstatic to have him coming to Amos Vale!


  • 22 months
  • 930kgs

It’s very rare you get a bull phenotypically so correct, structally so sound and with performance to back it up. Breed leading ebvs growth ema and imf. As soon as you see him he catches your eye, he expresses so much style coupled with a beautiful skin and hair type.

2 completely different bulls but bulls we believe will further advance our program.

We’re extremely proud to have purchased them, both bring completely new genetics to our herd and we can’t wait to have them home they’ll add an enormous amount to our program and compliment our genetically strong cow herd.