Amos Vale Herefords Secures Top Bull at Yarram Park's Annual Sale

12th February 2024

Amos Vale Hereford Stud has made a notable acquisition at Yarram Park's annual sale, held on Monday, February 12, 2024. The stud successfully secured the top-priced bull, Yarram Emperor T151, for $50,000, in a partnership with Newcomen Hereford Stud, Ensay.

Yarram Emperor T151 has impressive traits that stand out in the field. This bull is a prime example of superior breeding. His pedigree is equally impressive, featuring sire Talbalba Emperor P043 and dam Yarram Marinda P007.

Congrats to Ant and the whole Yarram Park team, for their exceptional work and dedication to maintaining high standards in livestock quality. This acquisition is a testament to Amos Vale Herefords' commitment to enhancing their breeding program with genetically superior stock, setting a promising path for the future of their herd.