Amos-Vale Falkland N042 by Devon Court Eclipse

4th July 2019

Junior Champion Sydney 2019 sells at lot 3

Falkland continues to impress and he has caught the eye of many keen cattleman who believe he is one of the better Hereford bulls they’ve seen. Structurally faultless and phenotypically perfect, he combines tremendous length and depth of body with weight for age and a great topline. He is a beautifully balanced bull with a massive carcass which is backed by a balanced set of data with moderate growth and above average EMA and IMF, he has strength through the spine and maintains the softness and doing ability Herefords are renowned for.

Weighing in at 930Kg at 21 months we believe he is the complete package – meat, muscle, correctness and carcass, as the judge in Sydney said “The Hereford breed needs more bulls like this, bulls with great structure and content”.

Genuine stud sires of this calibre don’t come along often, don’t miss your chance to secure him on 25th July 2019

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